(WTSP) -- When we go to work sick, we're forgetting all the other people we're exposing to our illness. However, a study released before this flu season found around 39 percent of people still do.

The study, by the clinic CityMD, also found 69 percent of the people they surveyed go to the drug store while sick and 43 percent go to the grocery store.

Parents and millennials were most likely to leave home while sick, at 75 percent and 76 percent, respectively.

German Jackson, who owns the EZ Auto car dealership in Lakeland, admits to going to work sick.

“You feel remorse if you miss one day, especially being the owner or one of the owners, [there are] so many things to do,” he said.

Within an hour, 10News reporter Grady Trimble counted at least a dozen interactions in which Jackson could contaminate something if he were sick. He touched his phone, calculator, the coffee maker, and the office refrigerator, to name a few.

He keeps hand sanitizer on his desk. He admits if he were sick, that's probably not enough

To be clear, no one at EZ Auto is sick. Jackson agreed to let 10News talk to him to encourage people to be smart if they're sick. He said he wants to give you a good deal on a car, not the flu.

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