St. Petersburg, Florida -- St. Petersburg Police homicide detectives have arrested one of four suspects wanted in the deadly home invasion that left a father and widower dead.

Surveillance video from 41-year-old Rick Shaw's home shows his killers kicking in his front door.

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As he reached for his own gun to defend himself and his adult son, police say Shaw was shot in the upper body. He died at the hospital.

Police say a witness implicated 28-year-old Charles Stone who is facing a first degree murder charge.

This was the big break detectives needed.

Stone was picked up early Friday morning on an unrelated misdemeanor warrant. Detectives had already developed him as a potential witness and during an interview with detectives, heconfessed to his involvement in the deadly home invasion, according to police.

Stone gave detectives facts only known to the suspects, which were substantiated by evidence from the crime, police said.

Police are expecting additional arrests.

On June 19, police say the four suspects busted through the door of Gregg Gordon and his wife Rebecca, yelling "Police, police!"

Once inside, the suspects demanded cash and jewelry. Gordon was injured during the robbery.

Twenty minutes later and about a mile away, the suspects then targeted Shaw's home.

Detectives believe the suspects may be tied to other similar crimes in the area.

"Generally these types of crimes are the tip of the iceberg," explained Mike Puetz, St. Petersburg Police spokesman. "As you start to dig deeper, you find out the degree to which they've been involved in other cases. We don't think these two cases are the only ones they've been involved in."

The Shaw family was already coping with the death of Shaw's wife Tory after a long battle with cancer. She died a week earlier. He was killed on the same day he was supposed to attend a memorial service for her at Bayfront where she worked.

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