Amanda Bentz of Palm Harbor says she was sound asleep. Then suddenly, fire in the bedroom.

“It woke me up,” she said. “The flames itself. There was no warning. It didn’t start sparking, smoking, nothing. Out of nowhere it just burst into flames.”

She says it was her iPhone on fire.

“It just caught fire a foot away from where I was sleeping,” said Bentz.

Her husband Kyle says he was able to put out the flames rather quickly by being resourceful.

“Comforter, pillow case, the drapes, one of her earrings, all got burnt,” he said.

They checked the Apple charger thinking that it may have been the cause, but it wasn’t even affected.

“Charging area was fine,” she said.

They contacted Apple immediately.

“They started the whole safety process and said they talked to engineers. We’re waiting to hear back to get a replacement device,” said Bentz.

Until they do, they say they hope their story will be a warning to others that danger can come even in devices you least expect.

“My husband has the same phone. We got them on same day. I told Apple, I’m ready to trade his in,” she said.

We also contacted Apple ourselves and they tell us they are investigating this claim and confirmed they have been in touch with the couple. They wanted us to ask the couple if they were using an Apple charger or if their phone had been repaired recently.

The Bentz couple said it was indeed an Apple charger, but their phone had never had any problems.