ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Tampa Bay is expecting a cool down--and it’s the first one in a while.

"We’re ready for it. It’s been hot," St. Pete locals Howard and Kris Guten said. The Gutens are ready to bundle up.

"It's more fun to be outside, you have more energy, and it’s seasonal, so bring it on," they said.

But, for people who don’t live here fulltime, the news is not as welcome. Julie Faggarty visits St. Pete for the tropical weather.

"I am very surprised," she said. "I’m here because it’s warm."

And, while she might not be excited, the Gutens says at least it’s not as bad as what their family in the Midwest is preparing for.

"It's super cold--50’s they'd be in shorts probably. This is our version of that. So, we’ll take it," they said.

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