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Top free credit card, no questions asked

No credit checks, world-class customer service and absolutely no monthly/annual fees.

TAMPA, FL-- I have honestly never seen a prepaid credit card that looks like this. With so many of you just using your debit card or settling for lame credit cards (and companies) due to insufficient credit, this could be what you're looking for.

"Serve" is a new product from American Express that gets you almost everything a standard Amex card offers, but for free.

If you shop online frequently, have concerns about identity theft, or just want the perfect card to use abroad or on vacation, I highly recommend Serve.

I've always thought prepaid cards are a good tool in teaching teens and young adults (college age) how to be responsible with their money and stick to a budget. That's a Ways 2 Save for life.

For $0.00 and absolutely no service fees you get:

• A safe easy way to pay in stores, online and on your mobile phone

• No credit checks

• No monthly fees

• No annual fees

• Award-winning American Express customer service

• 24/7 customer support

• Global Assist

• Roadside assistance access

• Deal alerts

• Easily Reloadable (and can be linked to your bank account if you choose)

• Easily send and receive money by text

And yes, it's free.

Another nice thing is if you have trouble budgeting or sometimes find yourselves in over your head (as we all do), a reloadable card can't get you into the same problems a standard credit card can.

If you're just curious, I say give it a shot since it's free, you can cancel at any time and this is another great financial tool at your disposal. CLICK HERE


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