A local Girl Scout service project ends with the poor being treated like royalty.

Gracie Goltermann persuaded the owner of Ulele restaurant, Richard Gonzmart, to have his chefs serve the homeless, and working poor of Trinity Café. On the menu was mouthwatering roasted corn chowder, Water Works meatloaf, white cheddar popcorn mashed potatoes, green beans and their own mac and cheese.

Gonzmart is also the owner of the "The Columbia Restaurant", and the new "Goody, Goody" restaurant, he said providing food for the less fortunate is a labor of love.

"It's the responsibility of those who are successful to who have been supported by the community to give back to those who are down on their luck right now. To go there and serve them in a full uniform and while they're sitting at a table we'll even bring the flamingo dancers over from the Colombia so they can experience something and give them hope".

And for dessert, all 285 patrons got apples and Ulele house-made Valhrona chocolate ice cream.