DAVENPORT, Fla. (WTSP) -- Dozens of families are being forced out of their homes at Spring Lake Mobile Home Park, and they’re frantically searching for new places to live. They’re in this position because the landlord didn’t pay the water bill. It’s being turned off Friday.

“I have no clue what to do,” said George Wells, who moved into a mobile home in October.

He never would've moved in if he'd known two months later he'd be getting kicked out. Wells, and many of the other tenants, is vulnerable. He’s disabled and has a fixed income of around $700 a month.

The landlord owes the city more than $45,000 for the water bill, which is why it’s shutting off water Friday.

Koren Hannah, an advocate for the homeless, has reached out to all of the local groups that might be able to help the 50 people who have to move.

“There's a waiting list of over a thousand people to get into places because of the hurricane,” she explained.

Many of them are packing up but have nowhere to go.

“They're going to be on the street, children on the street,” Hannah said. “That's my fear.”

With just one day to find a new place to live, Wells said the deadline is hanging over his head.

“I'm so stressed out right now, I've been waking up with headaches, going to bed with headaches for the last two, three months,” Wells said.

He's hoping for a new place to call home, or at least a little more time in this one.

Several of the tenants tell us police have come by and told them they’ll be forcibly removed on Dec. 7. We called the mobile home park’s owner but haven’t heard back.