You likely don't know Syd Weiler, but you might just know her artwork.

"Inspired by everyday pigeons," Weiler said of her "trash dove" stickers which are flocking all over Facebook

"Stickers are kinda like amped-up emojis," Weiler said. "Instead of just smiley faces, they're characters."

Weiler first drew the trash doves for the iOS app store in September. She found moderate success for the $2 dollar downloads.

In December, Facebook approached the illustrator to license them for its Messenger app.

They were released a couple of weeks ago, but then last Thursday, "people in Thailand were dancing to my bird," Weiler said.

She woke up to dozens of messages and mentions because of a viral video using one of her trash doves.

"They immediately started crediting me," Weiler said. "I cannot name another online meme creator.

"It's so uncommon for this to happen. I think it's viral but I think at this point it may have redefined that term. It's almost a plague," Weiler said.

In Thailand it was a sort of cultural joke, and in America some are using it as spam in Facebook comments.

"Its kind of spiraled, but they were made to bring humor into conversations and joy to people who use them and I think for the most part that's what they're achieving," Weiler said.

Weiler is working on her next set of stickers, called "Trash Bandits."