FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas- Karen Fonseca wants the world to know one thing: she didn't ask for this fight.

"I never chose to be in the news at all," said Fonseca. "Until Troy Nehls made it public on his personal Facebook page."

But now that her name and her "F-Trump" truck has been plastered in headlines all over the world, she's turning the attention into profit.

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She and her children are selling the now infamous "F-Trump" bumper stickers. She also plans to sell "F-Troy Nehls" bumper stickers. Each one will go for $15, and she says they're selling fast.

"Why would you put it on your vehicle if you didn't agree with me?" said Fonseca.

The viral story has also meant more sales of "F-Trump" stickers designed by young Fort Bend County democrats. Sticker sales had been stagnant for three months. Now they've sold 120 in just three days.

"It's turned into this bigger thing, everything is back ordered," said Ali Hasanali. "We can't print enough, even if they want to buy now there's going to be a delay because we have to print a lot more up."

Hasanali works with democrats in the county and says Fonseca is now a symbol for the party and people who want to stand up to politicians who they feel are abusing their power.

"My hats off to Karen for being forthcoming and not being pressured or intimidated," said Hasanali. "She's a rallying cry for anyone who cares about individual liberties."

Money raised by stickers sold by democrats in Fort Bend County will go towards a voter registration drive aimed at getting elderly voters to the polls.