ST. PETERSBURG, FL. - Business is booming at Antonio's pizzeria in St. Petersburg, and it's all thanks to a little app called UberEATS.

The popular food ordering app has been in Tampa Bay for a little over a year. It lets people use their phone to order food from local restaurants, an Uber driver will pick up the food and deliver it. In exchange, UberEATS gets a cut of the check.

Sharing some of his profits had Antonio's General Manager, Rocco Truliano, a little hesitant to team up with the app, but it’s paid off in the long run.

“(We get) about 200 to 300 orders a week just Uber,” said Truliano.

That’s a 30 percent uptick in business, meaning Antonio’s had to hire more employees, “prep and cooks and now we're up to three to four people on the phones,” said Truliano.

While UberEats may be bringing in the customer's, Truliano likes to think it's the food that’s bringing them back, “I have an old saying, keep your prices low, good food, good service and you can't go wrong.”