In the wake of Wednesday’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a wave of rumors now surround the massacre that left 17 students and teachers dead.

As the numbers turn to names, a shattered school can start to heal, but a country now demanding answers can often times be misled.

The first claim that there were in fact two shooters coming from controversial radio host Alex Jones, who quoted a witness interviewed by KHOU's own Matt Musil.

The witness believed there to be a second shooter because she saw the suspect in the hall without a gun.

But, according to an arrest warrant, Nikolas Cruz ditched his weapon inside the school and slipped out, blending in with other students.

Therefore verifying the claim of two shooters to be false.

Another claim by the same radio host, says that the suspect is affiliated with ISIS, speculating the suspect’s clothing on social media was similar to that of ISIS fighters.

But authorities investigating Cruz have not confirmed that claim, and the Islamic State has not claimed responsibility - something they have quickly done after other tragedies.

Lastly, a tweet sent out shortly after the shooting by Everytown – an advocacy group supporting stricter gun laws, cited 18 school shootings so far this year.

That figure was even used by big name politicians and performers to promote gun control.

But that number - Everytown says - is any time a firearm was discharged on a school grounds.

Of the 18, two were suicides, four were bullets through a wall or window, two were accidental, four were shots fired outside the school in the parking lot and two were shots fired inside, but no one was injured.

That leaves four incidents, where students were killed or injured in a shooting inside a school. It's still four too many, everyone will agree, but the claim of 18 school shootings, we’ve verified is false.