When we posted the story on Facebook about the man who died from an infection that started in a tooth, many of you had stories of your own.

We talked with a Tampa woman had a similar toothache that could have become deadly.

She wanted to share her story with you, so no one has to go through the pain she went through.

"It was excruciating!" Keli Salem explains how several years ago she was suffering from migraines and heart palpitations, and a minor toothache. It was a cardiologist who sent her directly to the dentist. "The dentist told me it could possibly be deadly if I didn't have it taken care of and I had to get some teeth pulled."

An infection had set in and it took months of antibiotics to get it under control. "I couldn't stand the lights, sound was hurting me just from the pain in my teeth."

She says since she was a kid she had gotten regular dental checkups, but had stopped for awhile, because of the cost. That's something that wound up costing her much more in the end. It's also something many of you also mentioned in the comments on our Facebook post.

"Our biggest thing is prevention and trying to nip things in the bud when they're small. That's the least expensive and when we get into situations where we have to do something more extraordinary then it's going to be more extensive, expensive." Dr. Rodney Holcombe stresses the importance of regular checkups, but if you start to feel tooth pain or swelling, don't wait. Get it checked out as soon as possible.

"Your mouth is really the conduit to the rest of your body. Everything that you eat goes through your mouth and in the same fashion infections that are in the mouth can spread throughout the body."

Salem learned a tough lesson. It's one she is passing on to her own kids who never miss a checkup. She just hopes sharing her story encourages others not to put off a checkup that could save their life. Thankfully, her story has a happy ending. "Great, great! I have no pain, my smile is great and I feel good."

If you are putting off seeing a dentist because of the cost, there are programs that can help.