There’s a website people are talking about that's scaring people concerned about protecting their personal information. is designed to help people research their family history and genealogy but also provide a treasure trove of information on those of us still living.

Try typing in your name and in many cases you’ll be provided with your home address and a list of previous addresses dating back years.

You’ll also find an extensive list of relatives and associates. When I typed in my name, it came back with my childhood address, my address in college, where I lived when I interned with CBS in New York and even listed my college roommates and my sister-in-law’s mother!

We spoke with privacy expert Beth Givens with the San Diego based Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. She says there’s plenty of websites out there offering searchable databases of private information, but most charge a fee for access to the information.

One of the things that makes FamilyTreeNow different is they offer their information for free.

While not everyone is concerned with having their home addresses listed online, plenty of people are worried.

We reached out to the website Thursday afternoon but so far have not heard back.

FamilyTreeNow does allow users to “opt out” of having their information listed on their website. It takes a few steps, and isn’t immediate. The information usually takes about 48 hours to come down.

To remove your information:

- Type in your name, and make sure you have yourself as the right person

- Click on the “Privacy” button at the bottom of the page

- Look for the “opt out” link

- Search for your information again, click view details and then look for a red button on the next page that allows you to remove your information