ST. PETERSBURG — I would say Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy could take the night and hit the ground running tomorrow, but even that's not the case.

Rubio already posted this on Facebook saying the general election starts now and asking for small dollar donations.

Murphy is already taking shots at Rubio posting that Florida deserves better than a senator who doesn't show up to work.

Here's what our 10News WTSP Republican analyst says Marco Rubio has to do right now to win.

“Marco Rubio has to get back in the I-4 corridor and work every day from here until the general election reintroducing himself to voters who have supported him in the past,” said analyst Brian Aungst Jr. “(Supporters) maybe haven't seen him lately because he's been running for president. But he needs to reconnect with those voters who have always supported him in the I-4 corridor.”

For Murphy to win, right now he has to start building up name recognition throughout the state, said 10News political expert Dr. Lars Hafner.

“You build name recognition through constantly being in the public eye. So he's got to become newsworthy, so he's got to use his money to build support through advertisement. He's got to be on (Hillary) Clinton's coattails every time she comes to the state of Florida.”

And a hot race for Congress -- it's official -- the hometown guy, former Gov. Charlie Crist versus incumbent David Jolly for the 13th Congressional District in Pinellas County.

Both our Democratic and Republican experts say Crist can't take anything for granted going forward -- even in his home district where he's favored to win.

Jolly is going to have to work hard every day, but he is the right kind of moderate Republican to put up a fight.