TAMPA, Florida— A Texas woman’s photo of what she says appeared to be “teeth” mixed in with her barbacoa is spreading across social media getting thousands of shares, and plenty of comments.

The incident is bringing back memories for Restaurant Red Alert reporter Beau Zimmer who made a list of the 5 worst things Tampa Bay area customers ever reported finding in their food.

5) Fingernail in the Ice Cream— Dawn Harris of Pinellas County reported “biting into something hard” while eating ice cream from the buffet at the now closed Southern Style Buffet on US-19 in Pinellas Park. The incident took place back in May of 2012. At the time, Harris says management blamed the issue on an irresponsible customer, and said “it’s the risk customers take when they eat at a buffet.”

4) Band-Aid in chicken and rice soup — Customer David Bear was so upset he called 911 after finding a Band-Aid in his chicken and rice soup at an Italian Restaurant in Palm Harbor. Management told 10News they threw out the remaining soup, but the customer says he was told the bandage likely came from one of his kids and the restaurant would not be taking the soup off the menu.

3) Maggot crawling across pizza — It was a kitchen employee who blew the whistle on his own restaurant after a customer returned a slice of pizza with a live maggot crawling across the cheese. The employee was so disgusted by conditions in the kitchen, he says he quit, but not before documenting live roaches crawling across the pizza make table, and what appeared to be rotting meat in the freezer.

2) Rodent dropping in the O.J. — A father and his young son out for breakfast at a restaurant on Indian Rocks Beach discovered something floating in the orange juice served in a sippy cup. The floating object appeared to be a rodent dropping according to the father.

1) Fingertip in salad — A Progress Energy employee out for lunch in downtown St. Petersburg says she felt something rubbery in her mouth as she was eating a salad from a pizza shop across the street from her job. After spitting out the unknown rubbery object, she noticed a finger print and realized it was a sliver of skin sliced from the end of a person’s finger. A state inspector sent into investigate found a kitchen employee with a bandaged finger who reported cutting himself the previous day.

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