It’s a case that has never had an end. Twenty years ago, Sabrina Aisenberg disappeared when she was only five months old.

The Valrico baby was last seen on November 24, 1997. Her mother, Marlene, says she checked on her that morning and saw an empty crib.

Marlene called 911. Her husband, Steve, went next door to get his neighbor, Tampa police officer Scott Middleton.

Suspicion turned to Sabrina’s parents and in September of 1999, Scott and Marlene Aisenberg were arrested and indicted for conspiracy and for lying to investigators.

Charges would end up being dropped, but the Aisenbergs never gave up on finding Sabrina and what happened to her.

On Wednesday on 10News at 11pm, we’re looking back at that case now that 20 years have passed. 10News’ Reginald Roundtree traveled to Maryland where Steve and Marlene Aisenberg now live.

They discuss everything from Sabrina’s disappearance to the indictment to where they think she is now.