3 Do’s For A Successful Resolution

It’s no secret that many New Year’s resolutions last for a few weeks. It’s time to figure out what you can do to make your resolutions stick this year.

1. Decide on a realistic resolution if you want success. For example, wanting to lose 20 pounds is more probable than losing 80 pounds. Or saving $ 1,000 is more probable than saving $10,000.

2. Make a plan if you want to stick to your resolution. Let’s say you want to say $1,000. You have to make a plan on how you’re going to do it. Saying that you’re stop eating out, saving your spare change or cutting back on java stops on the way to work are too broad. Your plan needs specificity. Determine what your small steps for success are. For example, instead of making three trips to local coffee shop weekly, cut back to one. Then put the money you would have saved into your account.

3. Before you lose your motivation to stick to your resolution, get proactive. Measure progress – once you see how much you’ve saved then you’re more likely to feel successful and stick with to your plan. And celebrate your victories along the way. Let’s say you’ve saved one-half of your goal - $500 in our example. You can treat yourself to an extra cup of coffee.

3 Things To Avoid To Stick To Your New Year's Resolution

1. New Years come with great intentions - lose weight, eat healthy, save money. If only you stuck to our New Year’s resolutions. With so many of you having trouble finishing what you started, it’s time to find out how you can be successful.

2. To avoid setbacks, pick a reasonable resolution that you can achieve. For example, you want to lose weight – 20 pounds – sounds good. But, you haven’t thought about what it really takes to reach that goal. I’m talking about specificity – work out plans, times of your work outs, meal plans, supplements, what foods to eliminate, what to eat more of, drinks, times of your meals. There’s a lot to consider to be successful.

3. Remember to ask yourself what can get in your way of sticking to your resolution. Going back to the losing weight example, you should consider how sickness, injuries, kids, lack of motivation will impact your success. And have a back up plan and solutions for these problems. If you strain a upper body muscle then your back up plan can be lower body work outs, yoga, walking, cycling.