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CW releases first official ‘Batwoman’ trailer starring Ruby Rose

The Australian actress is breaking barriers by portraying Kate Kane in the Batwoman origin story.

The DC Universe continues to dominate headlines Thursday as the CW released the new “Batwoman” trailer starring Ruby Rose.

In a Gotham where Batman disappears, the Australian actress as Kate Kane must rescue her love interest Sophie when she was kidnapped. After stumbling upon Wayne manor and all the treasures that lie in the Batcave, Kane becomes the new leading heroine of Gotham.

Most of the trailer is focused on Kane pre-suit, which means all the butt-kicking scenes are spent in a refitted Batman’s suit that the character finds when snooping around Wayne manor. It’s not until the end where fans finally get to see the Batwoman they all know and love with the infamous red hair.

The show will air Sundays on the CW starting this fall.

There are many mixed reviews of the trailer, which seems to mainly be taken from the pilot. Many are hailing the new series as groundbreaking as Rose portrays a lesbian heroine in a television series.

While some point out that the number of “thumbs down” far outweigh the “thumbs up” on the YouTube video.

However within the mixed reviews, fans seem pretty open to Ruby Rose playing one of their favorite comic book characters.

The trailer came the same day a Variety article reported that "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson was a front runner for the role of Batman in the new movie slated for 2021. 

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