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'Cuss Collar' swears ever time your dog barks

For $60, the Cuss Collar, which fastens around a dog's neck, will spit out a swear word every time your dog barks.
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Have you ever wished you could talk to your dog? Well, now you can, but you might not like what he has to say. 

MSCHF, a company known for selling viral products and gag gifts, is selling a "Cuss Collar," a dog collar that will play a swear word every time your dog barks. 

A video featuring the product on the collar's website shows a young couple shocked when their dog stars yelling expletives at them after putting the collar on.

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The collar retails for $60, but it's currently sold out. Pet owners who are interested in buying the product can text (917) 970-7424 to receive a notification when the next product drop begins. According to MCSHF's website, the next drop will be on February 25th. 

MSCHF is known for similar odd products. In an interview with Business Insider, CEO Gabrial Whaley said the company's "perspective is everything is funny in a nihilistic way." 

"We're not here to make the world a better place," he added. "We're making light of how much everything sucks.

Other products that have been sold by the company include a laptop with some of the world's most destructive malware, which was auctioned for $1.3 million in May 2019 and a Google Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix at work by disguising the screen to look like a conference call. 

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