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Donald Trump Jr's tweet mocking Clintons over impeachment resurfaces

On the day President Donald Trump was impeached, people replied to a tweet from his son who teased Bill Clinton for the same thing.

On the day his father became the third U.S. president to be impeached, people were reminding Donald Trump Jr. about a tweet he posted three years ago, mocking Bill Clinton about impeachment.

"Dear Clintons, You know what's deplorable? Being Impeached!!! #BasketOfDeplorables," Trump Jr. tweeted on Sept. 10, 2016.

The "deplorables" comment was in reference to then-candidate Hillary Clinton describing half of Trump supporters as a "basket of deplorables." Specifically, she cited those who she said were "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic."

Trump used it as a rallying cry and his loyal supporters have adopted and embraced the moniker.

The day after the comments, Donald Trump Jr. posted the tweet, noting that Hillary Clinton's husband was the second impeached U.S. president.

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On Wednesday, Trump Jr's father became the third. The House of Representatives adopted two articles of impeachment against Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

People on Twitter were quick to remind Trump Jr. about his comments, with many posting Thursday morning's newspaper headlines.

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