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John Cena donates $500K to first responders battling California wildfires

The actor made the announcement on National First Responders Day.

John Cena is putting his money where his mouth is.

The WWE superstar turned actor is donating $500,000 to first responders who are battling the California wildfires.

He made the announcement on Monday, Oct. 28 via a Twitter video. Monday was National First Responders Day.

"I’m asking that today on  we do everything we can to help those who risk their lives to protect us all," he wrote on his post.

In his post he also mentions a new movie he's starring in called "Playing with Fire" — a comedy about firefighters.

"On behalf of 'Playing With Fire' and out of respect to the people who I truly believe are heroes, my response will be to immediately donate $500,000 to this cause," he said.