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Mom gets arrested for confronting 'bullies' at elementary school

The South Carolina woman acknowledges she might have been a bully herself.

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. — A mother who says she was standing up for her 3rd-grade son and the seemingly constant bullying toward him ended up getting arrested.

Jamie Rathburn told WSPA-TV she was sick and tired of what Blake was going through at school she started taking notes of each incident. They covered up at least a page.

"He got hit, kicked, hit with a computer, he was shoved, he was jerked off a slide from behind," Rathburn said.

She decided to take action not long thereafter, walking into Greenbrier Elementary school without permission and confronting two students. The sheriff's office, per WSPA's report, said she yelled at them, pointing a finger "in a threatening manner." 

At one point, Rathburn reportedly swore at a teacher.

Rathburn did not contact the school prior to the incident; the district told WSPA it's never OK to confront other people's children and instead, reach out to officials instead.

Maybe perhaps, she thought, she was being the bully. But she wanted the school district to be proactive when it comes to bullying.

"I told (Blake) what I did wasn’t OK. It wasn’t. It was not OK," Rathburn said. "Mom shouldn’t have done that, but I was upset and you see what happened when I allowed my emotions to control my behavior. 

"I did something stupid and it got me arrested."

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