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Owners of this hoverboard urged to not use it because of fire hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the company behind the X1-5 has refused to issue a recall.

Editor's note: The video above is from March 2018

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning owners of a particular brand of hoverboard to not use or charge it because it is a fire hazard. The agency also says the company has not complied with a request to issue a recall for the device.

The alleged issue is with the New High-Tech Enterprise Company Inc. X1-5 hoverboard. The CPSC says the lithium-ion batteries can overheat, posing a fire hazard that can lead to injuries, smoke inhalation or death.

CPSC says it knows of at least one report of the hoverboard overheating and smoking.

The agency says it has asked New High-Tech Enterprise Company to issue a recall but claims the company has refused to do so.

"Therefore, at this time, CPSC is warning consumers not to charge or use X1-5 hoverboards," the agency said in a statement.

TEGNA has reached out to the company for an explanation.

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The hoverboards were sold on nhthoverboard.com, Amazon.com and at www.ewheelsusa.com/hoverboard. CPSC says a white label on the bottom of the hoverboard reads: “Model: X1-5” and “Product Name: Balance Scooter.” A holographic UL label is also on the bottom of the hoverboard.

Consumers are urged to report incidents with this or any product to CPSC at www.SaferProducts.gov