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Pickles popping up in some unexpected products

Yum or yuck?

Pickles are growing in popularity and they’re not just a side dish anymore.

At The Pickle Guys in New York, owner Alan Kaufman offers several varieties, but the hottest seller is the juice he scoops up from the pickle barrels.

Kaufman says some customers swear by pickle juice as a hangover treatment, even though there’s no hard medical evidence it works. Some people like Bridgette Barkin just like it for the taste. Barkin says, “Pickle juice is so refreshing. There is something about the tartness.”
Pickles are also starting to pop up in all sorts of products from pickle-flavored popcorn, to vodka, and cotton candy. At Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. in New York, pickle ice cream is a top seller. Jessica Sanchez says, "I always tell my family and friends because pickle ice cream does sound a little funny.  It sounds gross, but I am like no, it's the best thing ever."
Kaufman, who’s been in the pickle business for 38 years, is keeping up with the times and now pickles 40 different items including sweet onions, pineapple, and mango. He says, "We pickle everything here. If it can be pickled, we do it."
The famous pickle company Vlasic also just announced it will release pickle chips. The pickles will be cut up, vacuum-fried and have the same consistency as potato chips.
You could say this trend is the real "dill".