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The 2019 Super Bowl ads are already here and some will have you talking

The Backstreet Boys are back with a rap upgrade, the world will experience ASMR, and is it Bublé or bubly?

Correction: An earlier version of this story indicated a Skittles Broadway musical would be aired on TV. It can only be seen live in person at The Town Hall in New York City.

We’re already getting a look at some of the ads that will be showing up on your TV during Super Bowl LIII. But some are being kept under wraps until the game kicks off. Which ones should you be watching for?

Burger King is going to be one to watch, according to Adweek Creative and Innovation Editor David Griner.

“You can’t miss it. They are one of the best marketers on Earth if not the best. They are in a real renaissance right now of incredible marketing and they don’t ever waste an opportunity to have a great ad idea,” said Griner in an interview.

The teaser doesn't give much of a clue what it will be.

Doritos is bringing together Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys to freshen up "I Want It That Way." Griner said the ad is one example of a 1990s nostalgia trend.

Griner reminded us that last year Doritos and Mountain Dew had a much-talked about crossover ad featuring Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman lip-syncing to Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott.

“It was such an amazing ad that I don’t think people saw coming that, this year, I have to admit I’m excited to see what Doritos does,” Griner said.

Then there is one that you’re going to want everyone to shush for. It’s for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, which is the organic version of Michelob Ultra. The 45-second ad featuring Zoe Kravitz whispering, along with some other quiet sounds, is meant to trigger Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR).

ASMR has been described as a “brain orgasm” but with the desired effect of relaxing you. People experiencing ASMR have described tingling in their heads, which can also extend down their backs or limbs. There have been several YouTube videos aimed at triggering ASMR including this one that has been watched nearly 17 million times.

“Quiet ads are going to be a popular trend this year,” said Griner. “It’s really going to make people stop, and I don’t necessarily think everyone will love it, but I think everyone will notice it and everyone will wonder, ‘What just happened?’”

The regular Michelob Ultra Super Bowl ad is a bit more mainstream, featuring robots taking over our daily lives – but they can’t enjoy a beer.

Sparkling water is also a hot seller these days, and bubly is playing with its name and Canadian crooner Michael Bublé. A teaser for the ad shows him sitting on a convenience store floor next to the cooler using a marker to correct the name of the drink from bubly to Bublé.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Carrie Bradshaw” and Jeff Bridges’ “The Dude” join up for Stella Artois.

Cardi B, Steve Carrell and Lil Jon have teamed up for Pepsi.

Coca-Cola is going for a more socially-conscious message of diversity.

In the M&M's teaser a foul-mouthed Christina Applegate was locked out of her vehicle. Based on that, it was a solid guess those animated M&M's had something to do with it.

And if that was your guess...you'd be right. The full commercial features Applegate driving through a neighborhood and scolding some unruly back seat passengers. When she eventually slams on the brake and threatens to eat all of her passengers alive, they're revealed to be the M&M's characters jammed in a chocolate bar. 

Bon and Viv’s Spiked Seltzer features two mermaids trying to pitch their drink. Then you realize it’s a take on Shark Tank – with sharks.

When you think avocados, you think dog shows – at least that’s what the Avacados from Mexico folks seem to be hoping.

Jason Bateman takes you on the worst elevator ride ever for Hyundai.

You may have never heard of Antoinette “Toni” Harris, but the woman who plays football for East Los Angeles College is the star of this Toyota RAV4 ad.

Expensify features rapper 2 Chainz and Adam Scott.

Pringles will try to get you to stack multiple flavors of chips with the help of an Alexa wannabe.

Skittles is doing a musical, live from The Town Hall in New York City. Its teaser is called “Advertising Ruins Everything.” But this one won't be on TV. You have to buy tickets and see it in person.

An ad you won't be seeing during the Super Bowl is this one for medical marijuana. It was rejected by CBS. The ad was not selling a specific product but touting the medical benefits of of pot. More than half of U.S. states have legalized marijuana either for medical or recreational use, but it's still illegal at the federal level.

Credit: Michelob
Zoe Kravitz appears in a Michelob Ultra Pure Gold ad set to air during Super Bowl LIII. (Credit: Michelob)