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'The Karate Kid' to be adapted into stage musical

The film's original screenwriter will be charged with transforming the 80s classic into a Broadway stage production.
Actor Ralph Macchio, left, waves as actor Pat Morita looks on during the filming of "The Karate Kid II" on in Kahaluu, Hawaii, in this 1985 file photo. (AP Photo/FILE)

The film was a hit when it first released in theaters in 1984, and now "The Karate Kid" is Broadway bound. The films original screenwriter, Robert Mark Kamen, is set to adapt the 80s classic into a musical stage show. Amon Miyamoto, famous for being the first Japanese director on Broadway, will lead production for the musical. Miyamoto is known for his 2004 "Pacific Overtures" production. 

"I was inspired to do a stage adaptation of 'The Karate Kid' because it tells a story we need in this on-going ‘Age of Division’ as our society becomes increasingly globalized. The sweet contradiction of 'The Karate Kid' is that the real nature of karate is, as the show says, ‘not for attack.’ Not to hurt, not to win, but to let opposing energies play out and come in grace to a conclusion that allows dignity and respect for all," Miyamoto was quoted as saying in Entertainment Weekly.

Kamen will write a book for the production, and it will be Drew Gasparini of "The Night Shift Musical" who will handle the lyrics for the performances. Also, to make it even more interesting, MTV VMA nominees Mari Madrid and Keone will be charged with choreography.

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"I’m excited to show this dynamic with a visual and movement style unseen on Broadway. I want to introduce a new generation to this powerful story — through the immediate, visceral spell a good musical can cast through theatricality, music and dance," said Miyamoto.

Additional information regarding production dates and casting is set to be released at a later date, Entertainment Weekly reports

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