Referencing a new poll published earlier this week, President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that his approval rating among Latino residents was up to 50 percent.

"Wow, just heard that my poll numbers with Hispanics has gone up 19%, to 50%. That is because they know the Border issue better than anyone, and they want Security, which can only be gotten with a Wall," the president tweeted.

The NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll showed that Trump's approval rating was indeed at 50 percent among Latinos, up from 31 percent in December. The poll did not suggest why Trump's approval rating had increased. 

But Trump's approval rating among all Americans declined in the midst of the government shutdown. His approval rating stood at 39 percent, down from 42 percent in December. It also declined among white residents, from 50 percent in December to 40 percent in January. 

The president's tweet came as the government shutdown entered its 30th day and hours after he proposed a compromise to break the stalemate. 

Trump offered to extend temporary protections for young people brought to the U.S. illegally as children and those fleeing disaster zones in exchange for his long-promised border wall. But while Trump cast the move as a "common-sense compromise," Democrats were quick to dismiss it as a "non-starter."

Contributing: Associated Press