A Tennessee uniformed officer says he was told to leave an Outback steakhouse because he had his gun with him.

Andrew Ward posted on Facebook on Friday that he had gone to the restaurant with his wife and was approached by the manager, who asked him if he could leave his weapon in his vehicle.

Ward told the manager that since he was in uniform, he had to have his gun with him.

The manager then left to make a call, then returned and asked him to leave because the restaurant was a gun-free zone.


Well we had a first tonight.... while I was at work tonight (in uniform) I stopped by Outback Steakhouse to eat supper...

Posted by Andrew-Amanda Ward on Friday, February 2, 2018

Later, Ward wrote that the manager had apologized and given him a $100 gift card. He said he was told the reason he was asked to leave was a woman at another table was afraid.


Update with the situation tonight with Outback- the manager has apologized and is sending us a $100 gift card that can...

Posted by Andrew-Amanda Ward on Friday, February 2, 2018

"She said police are shooting people and she could have gotten shot in the parking lot and the manager had to walked her and her husband to their vehicle," the post said. " Seriously she was scared for her life ? We were joking and laughing with our server as we ordered then prayed . What was scary about that??"

Ward posted Outback had called him and apologized, and he said he accepted the apology.

"There was a mistake made and that’s it... we all make mistakes and and must move forward with our lives. If we move forward and learn from our past mistakes they are no longer mistakes but Lessons!"