The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are welcoming a new royal baby any day now. This month, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have their first child, who will be seventh in line for the throne. 

The new royal is right behind his or her father, Prince Harry, in line for the throne. Harry was third in line for the throne after his father, Prince Charles, and older brother, prince William, until 2013 when William and Kate Middleton's first son, Prince George was born. Harry was bumped further down the line of succession after the births of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. 

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In 2011, the succession laws changed to allow sons and daughters to have equal claim to the throne, allowing Princess Charlotte be fourth in line for the throne in front of her brother Louis. 

Meghan and Harry's baby push Prince Charles' brother, Andrew, and his daughters further away from the throne. The Duke of York will be eighth in line for the throne after the birth of the new royal, followed by his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess York. 

Even though the Duke and Duchess of York's child will be in line for the throne, he or she isn't likely to be a prince or princess. King George V issued a decree that limited how many members of the royal family would hold the title. If the baby is a boy, he will be called the Earl of Dumbarton. He'll eventually inherit his father's Duke of Sussex title. If the baby is a girl, she will be referred to as a Lady.

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Here's the full line of succession to the British throne: 

  1. Charles, Prince of Wales - Queen Elizabeth's eldest son
  2. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge - Prince Charles' eldest son
  3. Prince George of Cambridge - Prince William's eldest son
  4. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge - Prince William's eldest daughter and  second child
  5. Prince Louis of Cambridge - Prince William's second eldest son and third child
  6. Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex - Prince Charles' second eldest son
  7. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby - Prince Harry's firstborn child
  8. Prince Andrew, Duke of York - Queen Elizabeth's second eldest son and third child
  9. Princess Beatrice of York - Prince Andrew's first child
  10. Princess Eugenie of York - Prince Andrew's