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You can buy a jar of horse poop from the 1997 Kentucky Derby winner

This piece of Kentucky Derby history is sure to turn some heads when you put it on display.

In what's got to be considered one of the more bizarre Kentucky Derby-related souvenirs, a store is now selling preserved horse poop from a past race winner. 

That's right, Kentucky for Kentucky is selling what's it's dubbed "Derby Turds" for $200 a pop. 

The product on display comes from 1997 Kentucky Derby Winner Silver Charm, who's enjoying his retirement now at Old Friends Farm in Georgetown, Kentucky. 

Kentucky artist Coleman Larkin came up with the idea to suspend the "Derby Turds" in crystal clear epoxy resin inside a 16-ounce mason jar.  

Larkin described the process as very long and "very ridiculous." 

“The most difficult step is probably the one where I have to ask the type of people that own million-dollar Thoroughbreds if I can please have some horse turds to put in jars," Larkin explained in a blog post

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit thoroughbred retirement facility that Silver Charm now calls home.

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