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Navy widow, mother of 5 children with autism faces foreclosure next month

Dana Goodman says her mortgage company has declined to modify her VA loan, despite the death of her Navy vet husband three months ago

STAFFORD, Va. — A desperate Navy widow and mother of five children is about to lose her Stafford County home to the mortgage company.

Despite her husband's death in December, Roundpoint Mortgage Services is threatening to auction off her house at the end of next month.

"For my kids, I will do anything," said Dana Goodman. "And it means keeping them in the home that they know and they love, and they remember their dad in, I will do anything I can."

WUSA9 contacted Roundpoint, but we have yet to hear back.

George and Dana Goodman had five children, all on the autism spectrum. George Goodman spent 25 years in a Navy, an electronics tech and chief on submarines. Three months ago, he was a civilian, working on Navy subs for General Dynamics Electric Boat division.

Even with life insurance, one-half a Navy pension and Social Security, Dana Goodman says she has too little to pay the mortgage and feed the children. "I haven't slept in weeks because I can't think about what we're going to do."

Dana Goodman has a GoFundMe page, but what she really needs is a break on her loan.

She's asked Roundpoint Mortgage to ask them to modify it and make it something she can afford. Instead the company has sent collection notices, even to her children. 

Dana said she had to send the company her husband's death certificate six times, and finally email it, before they would even talk to her.

Her lawyer told her that with any possible losses covered under the Veterans Affairs loan program, Roundpoint has little reason to help.

Dana Goodman says she doesn't know how she's going to make it without her husband. "When we said goodbye that last night, we didn't know it was going to be the last goodbye," she said, weeping.

In the next few weeks, they'll likely have to say goodbye to their home too.