NEW YORK — A New York man is suing NBC Universal Media after he purchased an “unlimited” refill cup at one of the company’s theme parks to find that he was limited to one refill every 10 minutes or six refills an hour.

Luis Arnaud visited Universal's Island of Adventure in Orlando on July 31 when he purchased a refillable souvenir cup for $16.99 and then reactivated it the next day for $8.99 at Universal's Volcano Bay park. After reactivating the cup and “attempting to quench his thirst and refill his cup again," Arnaud realized the limit, according to the lawsuit.

Each cup is fitted with an RFID chip, which is used to scan for refills at the parks Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. When Arnaud attempted to refill his cup is when he was greeted with a message that he needed to wait “making its ‘unlimited’ representations false and misleading,” according to the lawsuit.

According to the suit, Arnaud saw “unlimited” misrepresentations throughout the Universal parks and that “he would not have been willing to pay the sum he paid had he known that the products did not provide unlimited refills and were mislabeled and falsely advertised.”

The lawsuit goes on to state that Arnaud “paid the above sum on the assumption he was purchasing products that would conveniently allow him to refill his cup whenever and however many times he wanted.”

Allegations made include that NBC Universal Media’s “unlimited” representations are misleading. Arnaud said he was injured as a result of this misrepresentation and that they had an intent to mislead.

The lawsuit does not specify the damages Arnaud is seeking, though a jury trial is “demanded.”

10News has reached out to NBC Universal Media but has not yet heard back with a statement.

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