SARASOTA, Fla - We first reported a remarkable birth Thursday through the eyes of a McDonald's cashier and her daughter, who delivered the baby inside the restaurant.

Today, a 10News exclusive: the newborn's mother tells in her own words how she went out for pancakes Saturday and left with a new son.

“He’s perfect - 10 fingers, 10 toes, beautiful dimples. He’s got a full head of hair,” said Cathy Jordan, sliding through photos of her newborn son Parker.

Cathy and Sean Jordan will have quite the story to tell about his birth one day. The parents say their son’s birth certificate doesn’t say Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

“The address is here instead of the hospital - McDonald's,” said Sean. Parker was born at the McDonald’s at 6347 South Tamiami Trail near Stickney Point road.

Cathy and Sean Jordan can laugh now but they weren’t laughing Saturday morning. Sean said, “I was scared for her life and the baby’s life.”

While waiting in line for food Cathy went to the bathroom.

“I felt the baby’s head. This scream came out of me came, from my toes, quite the scream. The whole restaurant heard it. Somebody in the other stall asked if I was ok I said 'No I’m having a baby,'” recalled Cathy.

Parker was a month early and scheduled to be born by C-section.

Bringing Parker into the world took teamwork. Sean said, “Another customer threw me their jacket. I had my sweater, their jacket.”

Sean says one of McDonald’s assistant managers looked after the couple’s 2-year old son.

Meanwhile, cashier Nancy Jones was having breakfast with her daughter April Jones, an LPN. April heard Cathy scream and when she saw Sean run into the bathroom she followed him to help.

Cathy said, “When April came in and told me she was a nurse we were relieved.”

“She wasn’t scared, she was ready for anything,” Sean said of April. Cathy added, “She was amazing.”

But that relief was short-lived.

Cathy said, “When she told me the cord was around the baby’s neck I was screaming 'My baby is going to die … I was praying 'Help, don’t let him die.'”

April managed to loosen the cord and the baby came out just as paramedics arrived, but he still wasn’t breathing.

“I had oxygen on the baby’s face, and he gave a gulp of air … Best sound of my life,” recalled Sean. He added, “To be sitting there, thinking going to lose your child and to hear the baby breath ... the best feeling … changed my life.”

And now Parker and his parents are part of this McDonald’s family. Nancy appeared with a baby gift: baby blankets and booties from a McDonald’s employee.

“More gifts will be coming,” Nancy told the couple.

The Jordans are grateful but they already have their Christmas gift.

Sean said, “He’s here, he’s healthy and he’s beautiful."

Parker is at Sarasota Memorial Hospital under observation. The Jordans say he's doing well enough and might be home in time for Christmas.