Two people were attacked by pit bulls that got loose in St. Petersburg today, according to police.

It happened in the 2100 block of 21st Street South at around 9:30am. Police say the pit bulls were coming out of the windows of a home.

“These dogs were running loose in the area, they were attacking our officers,” said St. Petersburg Police spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez. “Anytime an officer tried to get out of the patrol car the dog would attack. We emptied an entire fire extinguisher on one dog and still didn’t get it to back off.”

An animal control officer also responded and had to fight off a dog.

Neighbor Willie Fields, who lives across the street, came outside to find the dogs attacking his 62-year-old sister who was mauled badly and taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

“Four dogs, two brown ones and two black ones were on her all at once,” said Fields. “Them dogs need to be put down. If they don’t put them down those people need to move, if they don’t there’s going to be trouble around here.”

“If the kids would have been out here it would have been real vicious,” he added. “It would have been a lot of people around here ready to do something real bad.”

The dogs also attacked neighbor Laquanda Butler, who was bitten in the leg.

“The dog saw me and he ran towards me and I tried to run in my house and that’s when they got me,” said Butler. “They can’t stay in this neighborhood. If they have to be put down, put them down because they’re too vicious. She could move into somebody else’s neighborhood and they could have a lot of kids on their street and those dogs could get out and maul a kid.”

Eventually, all the dogs jumped back inside the home and officers used a pepper spray to keep them inside.

The owner helped police and animal control officers take five dogs into quarantine, where they will remain for 10 days while a dangerous dog investigation is conducted. That investigation will determine whether or not the dogs will be euthanized.

Police said no criminal charges will be filed against the dogs’ owner.