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Police say stolen car was located through Sirius location services

TAMPA -- How many of you right now know for sure that your car doors are locked? With a car stolen every 25 seconds in the United States it might be worth your time to double check.

Last night, thieves stole a Lexus SUV from a South Tampa home.

But the car was located not by police, but by a piece of technology located inside the car.

“My car was parked where the black Range Rover is now,” says Samantha Mirabella, whose car was stolen Wednesday morning.

But when Samantha Mirabella woke up on Wednesday, her car was not there.

“All of the garages were open and the car was gone. There we stood, quite confused,” says Mirabella.

After reporting their missing car to Tampa Police, it was less than an hour later that they were told it had been recovered.

“It was found in St. Pete about 5 miles away,” says Mirabella.

What Mirabella says shocked her was how police say they were able track it down.

"Sirius radio. They were listening to Sirius radio and that's what located my car. I didn't know there was a tracking system associated with it,” says Mirabella.

It's something Tampa Police tell 10News they weren't familiar with until now but the police report even says the car was located through Sirius locator services.

“Stupidity to steal car these days with resources we have in them,” says Mirabella.

Another thing Mirabella says she'll take away from all of this is that police told her that they stole her car from the valet key left in the owner’s manual.