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Police union selling shirts for Trump rally after uniform ban

Earlier this week, a Minneapolis Police Union member criticized the move to not allow officers to wear uniforms to a Trump rally.

MINNEAPOLIS — While off-duty Minneapolis police officers attending the Trump rally are not allowed to wear their uniforms, a second option has emerged.

Bob Kroll of the Minneapolis Police Union made a Facebook post showing a shirt that union members can buy since they will not be allowed to wear their uniforms.

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“I don't want the MPD to be politicized,” said Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo about the policy change. “I did not want those in our communities to feel the MPD was showing any bias or favor towards a particular party or candidate.”

Earlier this week, Kroll criticized the change in policy to not allow uniforms saying the move was anti-Trump.

It's a change from a longtime policy, one reason Bob Kroll of the Minneapolis Police Federation says he's against it. Kroll says he believes the new rule is only because the president is Republican and disliked by many city leaders. He also says he questions why it came just a week before Trump's rally.

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They are in stock at the Federation. $20 each. 1811 University Ave NE. Open 8-4 M-Th. Stop in and check out our complete store. All proceeds benefit POFM Charities. Online orders available soon on...

The post says the money made from the shirts will go to charities the union supports.

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