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Can law enforcement or candidates be poll watchers in Florida?

Here's who's eligible to volunteer at polling places on Election Day in Florida.

The role of poll watchers has popped up in headlines recently as the country prepares for another presidential election -- this one the first during a pandemic.

The conversation about people working at the polls also gained a spotlight after President Donald Trump's interview with Fox News, where he claimed his administration would send "sheriffs," "law enforcement" and "hopefully, U.S. attorneys" to polling places in November. The interview was Aug. 20 with Sean Hannity, who asked the president if there were any plans to have poll watchers to "cross-check registered voters."

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was asked about his position on the matter about a week later and whether it's something that would be considered in his state come November. 

"We don't have any plans to be using them (law enforcement) as poll watchers," DeSantis said.

DeSantis said the people working polling places on election day are volunteer civilians and state employees. 

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And, according to the Florida Division of Elections, law enforcement officers are not allowed to serve as poll watchers.

"No candidate, sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer or other law enforcement officer may serve as a poll watcher," the agency states.

People who want to be poll workers must be registered to vote in his or her respective county and attend at least two hours of training. 

Find more information about becoming a poll watcher here.

As for the powers of the president when it comes to watching the polls, federal law makes it illegal for any U.S. government official to send "troops or armed men to any place where a general or special election is held."

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