ST. PETERSBURG -- There’s nothing wrong with taking a selfie. There could be something wrong, however, with taking a selfie with your election ballot and posting them on social media.

Yeah, that’s right. In many states, you’re not allowed to pose for a selfie with a ballot that’s filled out.

The laws are mixed depending on where you go. Federal judges have struck down bans on ballot selfies in states like New Hampshire and Indiana, according to the Associated Press.

But right here in Florida, it could get you in trouble.

“Everybody wants to share everything they can on social media," said Jason Latimer, a spokesman for the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections office.

"But voters do need to be reminded that it is against Florida state law to take a picture of their ballot, even more so to take a picture of that ballot if you’re in an early voting location or in your polling place on Election Day.”

Latimer said there's nothing wrong posing with an empty ballot. But it’s safe to say you might just want to stick with taking a selfie with your "I voted" sticker.