ORLANDO — Finally your two leading candidates for U.S. Senate from Florida went head to head tonight on the University of Central Florida campus.

10News was there to break down what made waves.

Patrick Murphy bolted out of the gate attacking Marco Rubio on his support of Donald Trump, and Rubio’s run for president.

But the biggest bombshell of the night — Sen. Rubio's renewed commitment to his office.

“So this means you're not running for president?” asked one of the moderators.

“I'm going to be a senator for the next 6 years on behalf of the state of Florida. You can't be a senator and president at the same time,” Rubio said. “So I am running for the United States Senate. I'm going to serve 6 years, God willing.”

Murphy again hit Rubio on his endorsement of Trump even after what both men called vulgar comments about women.

“Senator, if you can't stand up to Donald Trump as a candidate, how in the world are you going to stand up to him as president of the United States?” Murphy said. “Trump wants to be buddies with Vladimir Putin, says there's nothing wrong with him, says he's a strong leader. You should know better than that. We're both on the intelligence committee. The difference is, I show up.”

But Rubio hit back dropping what could be powerful accusations on congressman Murphy.

"There's only one person on this stage tonight whose family made millions of dollars in partnership with Donald Trump, and that's you.”

“This is like the third time tonight that you somehow implied that I don't respect women,” Rubio said.

“Congressman, you're the one that posted a picture 4 years on Facebook of you groping a woman. That's inappropriate behavior.”

The Rubio campaign released a photo to 10News depicting Murphy smiling, sitting at a table next to a woman with his hand over her shirt on her breast. The Murphy campaign fired back that this was an act of desperation from the Rubio campaign. They say that was Murphy's girlfriend of 5 years at the time.

Rubio and Murphy go head to head twice more starting on Oct. 26.