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Political analyst: Top 3 things presidential candidates must be clear about to win in November

Without a presidential debate scheduled, undecided voters are looking for candidates to lay out their policies on three issues before Nov. 3.

TAMPA, Fla. — It may seem hard to find an undecided voter with so many opinions flooding social media and politics infiltrating every conversation you have, but they're out there.

Those undecided voters, especially in Florida, are the target of both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaigns.

It's not a secret that Florida could swing this election. That's why both candidates have dozens of events planned in the Sunshine State up until Nov. 3.

Without a second debate on the books, undecided voters are looking for clear policies on three things so they can decide who to vote for, according to Dr. Lars Hafner, 10 Tampa Bay's political analyst.

The Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett is a driver to the polls and has the potential to make this one of the elections with the highest voter turnout in history, said Dr. Hafner. He says voters are also looking at these key issues:

COVID-19: "First and foremost the coronavirus is at the top of the list because not only are we seeing a surge in cases right now, but the president himself has had it," said Dr. Hafner. Voters want to see how the candidates plan to handle the virus as it continues to affect everyday life.

Economy: This goes back to COVID-19. "We saw a healthy economy before the coronavirus and a devastating one after," said Dr. Hafner. Voters want to know how the candidates plan to boost the economy and bring jobs to people that have been struggling for months.

Healthcare: Again, this leads back to COVID-19. Voters want to know how the healthcare system will change, if at all after being overwhelmed by the coronavirus. "It's the issue that democrats won big time in 2018 with House and Senate candidates and they're going to continue to push on it. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is something people want to know about," said Hafner.

Voters that both campaigns are targeting are Latinos, veterans and Florida's large senior population. 

Early voting starts in many Tampa Bay area counties on Oct. 19.

You can find more information on voting here.

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