TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- This year, something unique is happening only in our state. You could help get a new law passed.

If you haven't heard of Florida's Constitution Revision Commission, don't feel bad. It's only the third of its kind in Florida history.

The last time this commission went to work was 20 years ago, so unless you lived in Florida in 1997, this is brand new for many Floridians.

Once every 20 years, Florida's constitution is on the line in a unique way. Changes come directly from voters.

Video: Some proposals for changing Florida law

The CRC is made up of 37 members. One member is always the attorney general. The other 36 are appointed by the governor and other politicians.

The commission travels around the state hosting public hearings to connect with Floridians.

Keep in mind, commissioners aren't campaigning.

CRC members are just in a temporary position to gather input from citizens. Along with hearings, the CRC looks through the thousands of submissions and decides which, if any should make it on your 2018 ballot.

The first CRC was in 1978. Eight proposals went on the ballot for voters but none were passed. The next CRC was in 1998. Nine proposals made the ballot and eight passed by Florida voters including the creation of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

So here we are with 2018 around the corner and Floridians have another chance to be the change in their state.

The easiest way to submit a proposal is online at FLCRC.gov/Proposals/Submit

If you have a law in mind, now's your chance. The next opportunity won't come for another 20 years.

So far, citizens have submitted more than 400 unique proposals.

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