TAMPA, Fla. -- Michael Phillips starts every morning scanning the top news headlines.
The 36-year-old's current interest: the GOP tax plan.

He uses social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and his own personal blog to give his opinions on how this bill will affect his life. With two sensors on his forehead, Phillips uses his computer to communicate and share his voice.

Earlier this year, dozens of disability protesters -- some in wheelchairs -- were removed from Mitch McConnell’s office after protesting tax cuts to Medicaid services contained in the Affordable Care Act.

Phillips posted this photo on Twitter after the incident; it not only went viral but garnered the attention of celebrities including Cher and Ryan Gosling.

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"The GOP tax-plan should have us protesting on the national mall! The GOP says, 'Don't worry, the plan won't add 1.4 trillion dollars to the debt, it pays for itself via vast economic growth it'll cause," Phillips tweeted earlier in the month.

"Now, no reputable economist says that kind of growth is possible. So, when the GOP tax-plan fails to pay for itself, what'll happen? Republicans will say, 'Man, we screwed up, but what's done is done. If we're going to keep the lights on, we have to cut Medicaid, Medicare, everything.'

"Businesses win, America's most vulnerable lose."

Using two sensors on his forehead, Michael Phillips uses his computer to communicate and share his voice. He's recently been active on social media, criticizing the GOP tax plan and its efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act.

Being severely disabled by a rare genetic disease, doctors never thought he would live longer than his first birthday. In addition to keeping up with his social media, Phillips also enjoys playing video games like World of Warcraft along with proofreading books for authors.

If the GOP tax bill is signed into law, Phillips might no longer receive at home care.

“When it comes to my Mike, there is no room for him in the state of Florida, other than an institution or somewhere out of state,” says his mother, Karen Clay. “That should not be an option for anyone.”

Phillips receives a Medicaid waiver that allows him to stay in the comfort of his home and get the treatment he needs.

Medicaid waiver programs help provide services to people who would otherwise be in an institution, nursing home, or hospital to receive long-term care in the community.

“I care for a son who needs care 24 hours a day, feed with a feeding tube and yet is brilliant, he is absolutely incredibly smart,” Clay said. “Not to mention the cost of at-home home care is far less expensive than institutional care.”

The entire family has been fighting the push to pass the GOP tax bill.

They even made a trip to Washington, D.C., with Phillips to speak with Florida Senators Bill Nelson (D) and Marco Rubio (R) about how the bill will impact their family.

“They just want to pass a bill that going to illuminate the affordable care act and decimate Medicaid and that was the intent all long," Clay said. “When we looked at what was there during replace and repeal, it was always the cuts to Medicaid.

They need those funds to make up for the tax cut breaks that they’re giving to the wealthy.”

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