SARASOTA, Fla. -- The outcome of a small, special-election in Sarasota on Tuesday is making big headlines around the entire country.

That’s because the woman who got the most votes is a Democrat who won in a part of the state known to lean Republican.

The state representative special election in Sarasota wasn’t exactly on a lot of people’s political radar screens, and yet the outcome is making national headlines and trending on political social media sites.

In winning, Democrat Margaret Good flipped a longtime Republican house seat in a district that Donald Trump carried by nearly 5 percent in the 2016 election.

“Democrats, and in particular women, seem to be winning a lot of seats that had trended Republican in the past,” said 10News political expert Lars Hafner.

Hafner says Democrats are seizing on what they see as a wave of anti-Trump sentiment and support for female candidates, hoping the super-local race in Florida’s 72nd District has much broader implications.

“People are focusing on Florida, because it’s a bellwether state,” said Hafner. “And what Florida does, the rest of the nation tends to also be doing.

Hafner says Good’s victory was even more significant because of who she defeated - James Buchanan.

Buchanan is the son of well-known, wealthy Republican U.S Rep. Vern Buchanan. His campaign had no shortage of name recognition or money.

“But those trends just aren’t working for Republican candidates right now,” said Hafner.

In Sarasota County, where registered Republican voters outnumber Democrats by about 10 percent, residents were speculating about what might have happened.

“I know for me, a lot of it would be women’s issues,” said Belle Boyes.

Tom Drews doesn’t think the election is an indication of anything, and expects Republicans will field a winning candidate in November, when the District 72 seat comes up for re-election.

Drews didn’t think Buchanan has much appeal. “If he would’ve come across like someone who is a good candidate, he would’ve won.

“I think this town generally does lean conservative, so it is kind of surprising,” said Evan Hall, also a local resident.

Political powers apparently knew the race had significance.

In the days leading up to the election, Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski came to town endorsing Buchanan, and former Vice President Joe Biden recorded a robo-call for Good.

“It’s really an eye to the future of where the trends are in Florida,” said Hafner.

Both political parties are also taking note of which issues are driving people to the polls for local elections. Hafner says you can expect to see those same issues coming up this year in even bigger political races.