Tampa, FL -- If you're a big fan of Publix, watch out. There's another social media post making it's rounds.

This one offers up to $100 for becoming a secret shopper, but the supermarket giant says it's not real, and that signing up for it could end up being a lot more trouble than it's worth.

Take it from Leon French.

“Once you get in, everyone has got access to your number. Everyone,” said French, who grabbed an online coupon once.

But that’s all it took. Since then he says he’s bombarded with calls and text messages. Dozens every day.

“And now, I can't keep the advertisements off the phone,” said French.

The latest offer popping up on French's smart phone and perhaps yours, is a chance at a gift card for $100 to spend at Publix for becoming a secret shopper reviewing products and services.

But Publix, which has recently been targeted by phony online coupons as well, says don't be fooled by the logo, or anything else that makes this latest offer look legit.

“No, it is not Publix, and we are not affiliated with it in anyway at all,” said Publix Spokesman Brian West.

We looked into the company behind the offer, Product Testing USA, and it turns out they’ve been around for years.

But the internet is loaded with negative reviews because it often requires answers to a seemingly-endless line of personal questions.

“They want names. They want your phone number. They want people's text messages so they can send you random text to buy their stuff,” said Amber Velleca with MIT Computers in Tampa.

Velleca says aside from the marketing mayhem, sharing that kind of personal info can leave you vulnerable to hackers and computer viruses.

No, It's not worth it,” said Velleca.

People who've reviewed Product Testing USA online say sometimes within minutes of signing up they started getting spam, emails, text messages and even phone calls from third-party telemarketers.

On occasion there is a positive review.

However, most seem to agree with Leon French.

“It ain't worth 100 bucks. It ain't worth it,” said French. “Save your time - save yourself some headaches and some trouble. If you see it on here, erase it.”

Publix says it does have its own secret shoppers. But it works with a specific company that they say has nothing to do with the one recently posting online.