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Rare albino boa constrictor found in Naples

The couple who found the reptile thinks the snake is someone's long-lost pet.

NAPLES, Fla — A Florida couple known for their love for wildlife was called to a home for some help with an unwelcomed guest.

"They were terrified of the snake at first, understandably," Rhett Stanbury told reporters.

That's when Rhett and Taylor Stanbury stepped in.

'"There was just this fat thick snake basking in the sun next to their trash pile kind of and we were just so excited," Taylor said. 

The two were called to help wrangle up the 9-and-a-half foot albino boa constrictor. Rhett immediately jumped into action. The snake started striking "because she was scared," Taylor told CBS News.

She said the boa was the first of its kind they've caught and said the experience was cool. Rhett and Taylor think the albino boa constrictor is someone's pet, however no one responded to their post about finding it. 

For now, the wildlife-loving couple is keeping the snake in quarantine. They've got her on a diet and exercise regimen and are building a big cage for the rare reptile.

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