MIAMI, Fla. -- Miami-Dade police have arrested a man accused of using a 'sophisticated device' to reportedly hide his license plate tag to avoid SunPass tolls.

According to a CBS Miami article, 70-year-old Robert Craig Davis, a Key Largo resident, was caught on video using a device to cover his license plate while driving through tolls.

Sammy and Mayte Salinas captured him driving in front of them when his license plate was covered as he drove through a row of toll cameras on the Dolphin Expressway. A black cover came down over the plate as he drove by tolls.

When asked by CBS, he denied using the device to avoid tolls and would not discuss it it further.

“It’s not fair. We all have to pay tolls, so why not him,” Sammy Salinas said. “That’s what the reason for the Sunpass is, for everybody that’s using the highways, so we all have to pay tolls on it.”

FHP wasn't able to find Davis when they searched for his license plate tag since the address brought them to another address where he didn't live.

For more information, read the CBS Miami article.