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Giant monitor lizard surprises Florida homeowner

The video was shot inside of a home in Apopka, Florida.

APOPKA, Fla. — A lizard that looks to measure more than two feet long looked like it was trying to get into a Florida homeowner's house earlier this month.

In a video posted to Facebook on Sept. 12 by Jocelyn Penson, she said her son captured the moment in Apopka, Florida, right outside of Orlando, Fox News reports.

"Looks like Godzilla to me!" Penson said in the post.

The monitor lizard is seen in the video using its sharp claws to scale the window before ultimately falling, WWSB-TV reports.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has documented nine types of monitor lizards in the state of Florida. Each being introduced through pet trade.

Researchers believe monitor lizards found in the wild stem from intentional and unintentional releases from animals in captivity, FWC says. If you see a monitor lizard, FWC encourages you to report it. 

Take a picture, document the location and send the information to the IveGot1 app or call IVE-GOT1 888-483-4681.

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