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Love bugs are invading Florida: Here are simple hacks to handle them

No love for the love bugs.

TAMPA, Fla. — They’re here, they’re mating and they get all over your car: We’re talking about love bugs. 

Now that they’re all up in your business, doing their business and getting all over your car here are some simple hacks to help you get ahead of them.

“Don’t leave love bugs splattered on your car for more than one day,” Mister Car Wash on Gandy Boulevard manager Jeff Fickies said. “Because they are acidic and will slowly destroy your coat and paint.”

Business is up 20 percent at Mister Car Wash on Gandy Boulevard and it's all thanks to love bugs.

“We’ve had cars that have had hundreds on hundreds of love bugs and it took us 10 minutes just to scrub and get all the bugs off,” Fickies said.

Love bugs come out twice a year: May and September. 

If you've heard the rumor that they were created in a lab at the University of Florida, that’s not true. Love bugs came from Central and South America. They swarm around highways because they attracted to decomposing plants and confuse the chemical odors from the highway with them.

Plus, they enjoy the heat mating when it’s 84 degrees or warmer outside.

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So, what should you do if your car looks like a love bug graveyard? 

Number one: act fast. You can get a car wash, put an extra layer of wax on as a protective layer, use a wet dryer sheet to swab off the bugs or a wet paper towel and soap. 

“Just avoid the oily options like baby oil, degreaser and cooking spray because that will streak your car. I would personally use a soft sponge and water,” Fickies said.

Studies showed that love bug populations are declining but they’re not sure why. 

As annoying as love bugs are, they are good for one thing in mother nature helping recycle decaying matter into organic matter.

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