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Cold case investigator says Brian Laundrie is on the run after reports of being spotted on camping trip

Records show the Laundries went camping at Fort DeSoto Park Campgrounds just five days before Gabby Petito was reported missing.

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — The FBI is still looking into Gabby Petito's mysterious disappearance. 

While she was found dead, her fiancé, and the only person of interest in this case, is nowhere to be found.

"Their biggest priority is certainly to find Brian Laundrie and bring him in safely and alive," Dr. Sarah Stein said.

The cold case investigator has worked on cases for over 20 years. She says it's likely Laundrie is still alive and running.

"Perhaps escape is too strong of a word, but certainly to hide from law enforcement," Dr. Sarah Stein said. 

The latest lead in the search for Brian Laundrie is bringing investigators to Fort DeSoto Park Campgrounds. After the news the Laundries had camped there was confirmed, the gates closed and only campers are being let in. Records show the Laundries went camping there just five days before Gabby Petito was reported missing.

"That is deeply troubling that they decided to do that as opposed to going to law enforcement immediately. That was just mind-boggling to me. Especially given the fact that Gabby had lived with the Laundrie family. That is not a good sign that they chose to make that trip," Stein said.

The Laundries were stationed at campsite one, now empty without a trace of them there.

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Check-in logs show the Laundrie's next-door neighbor was Marci Newsom. 

While she didn't want to go on camera, she shared with 10 Tampa Bay she was shocked to learn they were there at the same time.

In a selfie, she took with friends a man with a resemblance to Brian Laundrie is walking in the background. Marci says looking back now makes her uneasy.

Credit: Marci Newsom
Selfie from camping trip in Fort DeSoto Park may show Brian Laundrie

"Typically what we see with post crime behavior is that offenders will go to locations that are very familiar to them, and where they feel that they have a sense of control in their environment. They will not be inclined to seek out unknown environments where the risk factors could be elevated. So I would stress strongly to investigators to look in those areas where there's history," Stein said.

As time goes on, the possibility of Gabby's case going cold becomes more and more real. But Stein says any leads that come in will keep the search for Brian alive.

"I just hope they're able to find Brian Laundrie safely and bring him in quickly and without any additional harm. I don't think that finding out the absolute truth will be very likely, certainly, unless they bring Mr. Laundrie in. The second thing is, even if they do bring him in again, it's his right not to speak with investigators, and he could remain silent," Stein said.

Brian Laundrie is currently wanted by the FBI for bank card fraud. He is still considered a person of interest in Gabby's disappearance and teams will continue to search for Brian in Sarasota's Carlton Reserve.

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