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The Missing: What happened to Ta’Niyah Leonard?

She vanished back in 2002. Her case has never been solved.

BARTOW, Fla. — There are so many questions about what happened to 11-month-old Ta’Niyah Leonard.

The infant was last seen on Oct. 19, 2002 in Bartow. Her mother and father have long held that they don’t know what happened.

“People have called me murderer. Baby killer. I have kids. I promise that we’re going to find Ta’Niyah,” said her mother, Miranda Jones.

Jones maintains she had nothing to do with Ta’Niyah's disappearance. Jones says she dropped off Ta’Niyah at the infant’s father’s place. Ta’Niyah hasn’t been seen since.

Ta’Niyah’s father has long maintained his innocence. He couldn’t be reached for comment. Neither parent has been charged with a crime connected to Ta’Niyah’s disappearance.

“It’s very hard just imagine your heart being in pieces you don’t know if they’re going to call you and saw we found your babies bones or something,” said Jones. “That’s horrible. Nobody should have to go through that. 19 years. It’s can’t even explain I’ve went through hurt mad sad forgiving you know right now I just put my faith in the lord. I do feel I will be reunited with my daughter.”

Jones tells me she believes her daughter is alive and that she will one day be back with her family.

“The time is now she is an adult now she’s 20 years old today give me and family some type of closure something,” said Jones. “It’s been too long. I am begging anyone that knows anything I have little kids that are waiting to meet their sister someone know something. My babies I’ve promised them and as a mother I’m going to make sure that you know that I give them what I promised which is to find their sister.”

If you have any information about this case please don’t hesitate to call 911 or call the Bartow Police Department at 1-863-534-5034.